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Goals - April 2012


Every year during the fall I think that fall must be by favorite season. At the end of the long, hot summer I love the shorter days, the spiced pumpkin lattes, and getting out sweaters. But then spring hits and all the flowers and cacti start blooming, the longer days are a very welcome change, and I start getting excited for drinking iced tea, wearing shorts, and pool parties! And I start thinking that spring must be my favorite season. I think what I really love is the transition and all the associated seasonal things. And right now I am definitely in love with spring: wearing bright colors, opening doors and windows, the air scented with orange blossoms, and beautiful wildflowers. Plus, Chris is almost on summer vacation, which will definitely make our lives A LOT less hectic.

With this new season I'm feeling that I need to take a new approach to my monthly goals. Originally, when I started making monthly goals, it really helped me to focus on a few things, instead of being overwhelmed by everything that I could possibly do in one month. And I still want to make monthly goals. But lately, even though my goals are all things I really do want to get done during the month, it's been more a feeling of obligation than motivation. 

So I'd like to mix it up! I'm going to try the approach that Elise takes on her blog - setting intentions for the month but not going over them at the end of the month. The idea is that if something didn't get done that's OK and it doesn't carry forward to the next month. What I hope will happen is that the things I do accomplish during the month will end up on my blog as I do them so you'll still know what I'm up to.

Even though I'm not going to review monthly goals going forward I do just want to say that YES I did finally organize that laundry room, thank goodness! As predicted, it didn't even take very long.

In April I hope to:

Eat meals on our back porch

Keep fresh flowers in the house

Make a recipe from my new Joy the Baker Cookbook (that my sweet sister sent me)

Buy our tickets to Hawaii (!) for a friend's wedding

Go on a hike

Plant something for summer in my garden (I think there's still time!)

Happy April!