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Art-a-Month April


So, I'm a little behind with my art-a-months. The last one I posted was January! It turns out I'm pretty good at buying affordable art for the house; I'm terrible at framing it and actually displaying it. So, for now, I'm not determined to buy a new piece of art each month. But I am determined to frame and hang what I have. I love the simple frames at IKEA so I just need to make a trip soon to stock up (that store can be so overwhelming so I always put off the trip).

But I do have a little something to share for an April art-a-month. It's a postcard that I picked up at the Smithsonian American Art Museum when I visited DC last year. At the Art Institute there was a display of paintings in an exhibit called "The American Experience" and at the entrance was a painting by Edward Hopper titled Ryder's House. I immediately loved it; I just felt really drawn to it. I go back and forth between thinking the house is inhabited or empty - I'm just not sure. If the house is empty then there are white sheets covering the furniture inside and it's chilly but would easily warm up once the fireplace was lit. And it would be a great place to have a peaceful week of writing, taking long walks, and cooking hearty meals. Kind of like the house where Colin Firth'scharacter went to write in Love Actually...


When I saw a postcard of the painting in the gift shop I bought it and I just recently came across after all these months. I had an empty frame on hand that was the right size and for now it's taken up residence on the side table in the great room.


Now to frame a few more...