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On Saturday night Chris and I headed into Phoenix to see a performance that was part of the Fringe Art Festival. We arrived a bit early for the performance and so had time to breeze through a little art studio. The attendant was not very interested in talking to us and the art was mostly depressing so we got out of there and ducked into a bar. It turned out there was some type of promotion going on and we got our beers for free, yes! The performance we saw is called Cool Like That: A Tribute to Miles Davis... Read more →

Two things happened this weekend that led to a slight revelation for me. It's about my blog and about photography. The truth is, I basically know nothing about the technicalities behind blogging. I don't know code (except how to start and end a paragraph, which Chris taught me) and I'm totally stumbling my way through learning what the heck I'm doing. I also know so little about my DSLR camera and I currently don't use Photoshop. All of these things can really frustrate me because I want to understand them and I know that once I do I'll be able... Read more →

The headliner for February was the job. Thinking about the job, interviewing for the job, thinking about the job some more, and hope, hope, hoping that I would get the job. Whew! In the midst of all that Valentine's was great: Chris got me the early gift of having our house cleaned and I surprised Chris with an iPhone 4S! It was so fun to give him something so unexpected. We've had fun getting to know Siri! And of course there was the craziness of having our neighbor threaten us with the Hell's Angels, oh geeze. My February goals reflect... Read more →