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I Went for a Run!

Our Saturday Night + Fringe Art Festival

In mirror

On Saturday night Chris and I headed into Phoenix to see a performance that was part of the Fringe Art Festival. We arrived a bit early for the performance and so had time to breeze through a little art studio.  The attendant was not very interested in talking to us and the art was mostly depressing so we got out of there and ducked into a bar. It turned out there was some type of promotion going on and we got our beers for free, yes! 

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The performance we saw is called Cool Like That: A Tribute to Miles Davis performed by Black Poet Ventures and was described as "encompassing poetry/spoken word, live music, vocals and dance". It was awesome.

The performance space was in a warehouse and the audience was small so it felt very intimate. One man performed as Miles Davis and told his life story in first person. Along the way, other performers got up and performed spoken word poetry or sang. Pictures from Miles Davis's life were projected on a screen and recordings of his songs were played throughout. It was such a unique thing, I loved all the different media and the performers were so talented. Plus, I learned a lot about Miles Davis!

I felt so invigorated afterwards! I love experiencing other people's creativity; it's so inspiring. There are so many art events in the Valley and Chris and I are always saying we need to see more of it. Seeing this performance has us inspired to follow through!