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Goals - March 2012


The headliner for February was the job. Thinking about the job, interviewing for the job, thinking about the job some more, and hope, hope, hoping that I would get the job. Whew! In the midst of all that Valentine's was great: Chris got me the early gift of having our house cleaned and I surprised Chris with an iPhone 4S! It was so fun to give him something so unexpected. We've had fun getting to know Siri! And of course there was the craziness of having our neighbor threaten us with the Hell's Angels, oh geeze.

My February goals reflect my preoccupation with getting a new job...I did not do great on what I set out to do...even though I kept my list short! But what I did accomplish this month makes me so much happier than any of these 3 goals. So here's how I did on my February goals: 

+ Cubicle make over. Noooo. But will you forgive me since I got a new job? When I made this a goal for the month I already had a phone interview scheduled and I had a gut feeling that I would get it (even though I definitely doubted myself along the way!). This is the way life works, right? Finally plan to organize your desk at work and you end up getting a new desk. I knew that I would find out one way or another about the job last week. If I didn’t get the job I was going to pick myself up off the floor and come into work this past weekend to spruce up my desk because I would need it. But, luckily, I didn’t have to do that! I’m not sure what my new office/cubicle will be like at my new job but as soon as I see it I’ll start planning how to personalize the space and I’ll share the process here…I owe you one awesome cubicle make over. Stay tuned!

+ Organize the laundry room shelf. Once again a 2 ft. x 4 ft. shelf has gotten the better of me! I took pictures of the “before” but somehow always found something else to do before clearing off the shelf. I know once I finally do this I'll kick myself because it will probably take about 30 minutes.

+ Start the transformation of the room that will soon be my home office. Thank goodness this actually happened. I thought that keeping my goals list short for the month would mean I could have a month of accomplishments. Turns out I’m just 1 in 3! Anyway, Chris and I spent a few hours last Sunday and focused on the task of gathering all the items in the office that we wanted to donate. It was a lot. We loaded up Chris’s truck and took so much stuff to Goodwill. In a matter of hours the room transformed from being overwhelmingly full to messy but workable. I can’t wait to make more progress.

March is going to be a busy but fun month with some traveling as well as ending my current job and staring my new one. I want to give myself room to fully enjoy traveling and mentally clear my head in between jobs. Here are my intentions for March:

+ Finish my last days at my job. I gave my two-weeks notice on Monday so next week is my last week! During that time I need to transfer project files and exchange contact information with colleagues. I’ve already started cleaning up electronic files and recycling piles of paper. It feels good.

+ Travel to Austin for SXSW! I am sooo excited for this trip; Austin in the springtime is the best! I’ll be gone for a little over a week and will have time to see family and friends (including Sara!) and to do all my favorite Austin things. I can’t wait to show off Austin to our friends, dive into SXSW craziness, and to be in my hometown. It will be the perfect reset before I start my job.

+ Start my new job! And once I see my office/desk I’ll also start planning how to personalize it.

+ Organize the laundry room shelf. You will not defeat me again!

+ Have the floor of the office completely empty except for my desk by the end of the month.After that the next steps will be to clean out and organize the closet and then to decorate the room.

Happy March!