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Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Coconut oil jar

I've got another homemade hair mask for you! This time there's no mashing involved. It's just coconut oil, which I heard recommended by Joy and Tracy on their podcast.

I also used a tip from my hair stylist: she explained that hair is like a sponge so when it's soaking wet it can't absorb anything else - like conditioner or an awesome homemade hair mask. She recommended gently squeezing out as much water as possible or even blotting your hair with a towel before putting in conditioner (or your awesome homemade hair mask).

So, I decided to apply coconut oil to my hair when it was dry. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature (nifty!) so I took a spoonful in my hand and started working it into my hair. I kept gently rubbing it into my hair from the tips to about half way up; I didn't go all the way to the crown.

After my hair was saturated I twisted it into a bun and secured it with a claw clip. Then I donned my favorite pink shower cap and let it sit for about an hour while I happily worked on my computer. I washed out the coconut oil by shampooing my hair twice and didn't use any conditioner. I then let my hair dry about half way and used a blow dryer to get it completely dry, which is my normal routine.

Scoop of coconut oil

The verdict: This hair mask was easier than the avocado + olive oil + honey mask since it came straight from a jar. My hair felt well conditioned although was still a bit oily after the two shampoos. I ended up wearing my hair up that evening so it didn't matter but maybe I should have shampooed a third time. It took one more shower to wash out the oil completely. But overall my hair felt conditioned but I didn't notice it feeling overwhelmingly softer than usual. But I definitely think I'll do this again (I have a whole jar of coconut oil, after all). The best part of this hair mask is that for a couple of days my hair had a wonderful coconut smell! It made me start daydreaming about summer and sitting next to a pool...