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Spring time has to be my favorite time to go home to Austin. Everything is green, green, green. It surprises me every time I go home how lush and green Austin is compared to the Phoenix area. And then air is so much more humid, it feels like my skin is soaking in as much as it can after being in the dry desert! My parents still live in the same house that I grew up in so going home has this very overwhelming, but good, feeling to me. Everything about the house and yard, even the streets that we... Read more →

I went to Austin! I started a new job! There's lots to share, and I will soon!, but I hope a few pictures will tide you over. For now I've got lots of sleep to catch up on and our bedroom looks like our suitcases exploded. Why is unpacking such a difficult task? Here's a peak at what the past 10 days looked like for me: Waiting for my flight to Austin. I always sit on the right side of the plane so I can see the skyline as we descend. It makes my heart swell every time. Margaritas with... Read more →

I knew that during my Austin visit I'd be seeing a dear friend from college, who is also due with her first baby in April! I really want to try to give handmade presents as baby gifts and at first thought I would make another baby blanket. But then, as the weeks slipped by, I knew I'd need a simpler project. The blanket took several craft dates with my mother-in-law, which I loved!, but I just didn't have the time before my trip. I flipped through Simple Sewing for Baby and found instructions for a tag blankie. It's just a... Read more →

I've got another homemade hair mask for you! This time there's no mashing involved. It's just coconut oil, which I heard recommended by Joy and Tracy on their podcast. I also used a tip from my hair stylist: she explained that hair is like a sponge so when it's soaking wet it can't absorb anything else - like conditioner or an awesome homemade hair mask. She recommended gently squeezing out as much water as possible or even blotting your hair with a towel before putting in conditioner (or your awesome homemade hair mask). So, I decided to apply coconut oil... Read more →

Last week I picked up some new running shoes and this weekend I hit the pavement! I love my new shoes. They're lightweight but supportive. Compared to my worn-down pair they feel so springy! And I love the yellow laces. (Yellow is my favorite color btw.) It was a beautiful, spring-like day on Sunday so I went to a nearby canal trail and ran about 3 miles. Overall, I had a pretty good run. I started feeling some minor IT band pain so I took a couple of breaks to stretch and walk during the 3 miles. But the first... Read more →

On Saturday night Chris and I headed into Phoenix to see a performance that was part of the Fringe Art Festival. We arrived a bit early for the performance and so had time to breeze through a little art studio. The attendant was not very interested in talking to us and the art was mostly depressing so we got out of there and ducked into a bar. It turned out there was some type of promotion going on and we got our beers for free, yes! The performance we saw is called Cool Like That: A Tribute to Miles Davis... Read more →

Two things happened this weekend that led to a slight revelation for me. It's about my blog and about photography. The truth is, I basically know nothing about the technicalities behind blogging. I don't know code (except how to start and end a paragraph, which Chris taught me) and I'm totally stumbling my way through learning what the heck I'm doing. I also know so little about my DSLR camera and I currently don't use Photoshop. All of these things can really frustrate me because I want to understand them and I know that once I do I'll be able... Read more →