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{spotted on Cup of Jo awhile back via Pleated Jeans} Oh my, lifehasbeensobusyandgoingsofastIalmostcan’thandleit! For the past couple of weeks we've been so busy I haven't felt very balanced. For me, I think that roughly translates to needing about a one-to-one ratio of social activity away from the house to time spent at the house, doing my own thing or just relaxing with Chris. It’s been an interesting discovery over the years because for so long I thought I was a hard core introvert. But then I realized that I actually love being social but I just have to balance that... Read more →

Since I have a *slight* obsession with healthy hair lately I've been browsing blogs and websites for home remedies for healthy hair (like these at The Beauty Department). I kept seeing avocado pop up in hair mask recipes. Then, while I was at Whole Foods getting new shampoo I even noticed an avocado hair mask...for a mere $23. I was pretty sure I could mash up an avocado for less than $23. So I decided to try out my first homemade hair mask. So, after reading a few recipes for avocado hair masks I just decided to wing it. I... Read more →

{Boyce Thompson Arboretum via Instagram} We're one month in so 2012 is officially underway. Chris and I are back to our usual routine for the most part after the relaxing holidays, which means being pretty busy. Chris has been especially busy with Chow Locally since they've started a CSA box subscription service. Hopefully his schedule will calm down in the next few months! Here's an update of my January goals: + Get materials for my cubicle makeover! I ordered these folders and I bought a happy aloe plant at Trader Joes. It's not everything I'll need but it's a start!... Read more →