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Goals - February 2012


{Boyce Thompson Arboretum via Instagram}

We're one month in so 2012 is officially underway. Chris and I are back to our usual routine for the most part after the relaxing holidays, which means being pretty busy. Chris has been especially busy with Chow Locally since they've started a CSA box subscription service. Hopefully his schedule will calm down in the next few months! Here's an update of my January goals:

+ Get materials for my cubicle makeoverI ordered these folders and I bought a happy aloe plant at Trader Joes. It's not everything I'll need but it's a start!

+ Go for a hike with Chris and Drew. Yes! Chris and Drew loved Boyce Thompson Arboretum.

+ Go to at least two yoga classes. I made it to two yoga classes this month!

+ Have a budget meeting with Chris. Not yet! But Chris and I have plans to sit down and have a budget meeting next week. A good friend shared the awesome budget spreadsheet that she and her husband use so Chris and I might update our spreadsheet a bit. Yay for friends! And spreadsheets!

+ Organize the laundry room shelf. Guys...I haven't done this yet. It's just one shelf, where the heck did the month go? 


February is a short month and I want to make sure I follow through on my goals so I'm keeping it simple:

+ Cubicle makeover. I plan to go into work on a Saturday morning and spend a few hours organizing files and giving my desk some personality. This has been a long time coming!

+ Organize the laundry room shelf. It's just one shelf!

+ Start the transformation of the room that will soon be my home office. I'm so excited to have this space to work on my blog and hopefully to do a bit of crafting. The first step is dealing with all the junk stuff that's in there now.

Happy February!