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Organized: Master Bathroom



Is it really only Wednesday? Oh man. I was a tiny bit grumpy that I didn't get Monday off like Chris and many of our friends and work is dragging a bit this week. But despite all that there have been quite a few bright spots to my week already:

+ Packages arriving at my door! These shelves for our front room and this beautiful (and practical!) birthday gift from a friend (it's been on backorder since November!).

Arizona winter weather

+ A Skype date on Monday night with my grad school gal pals. Five girls in five cities and three time zones getting caught up and laughing aplenty. Technology is magic.

+ Trader Joe's truffle brownies.

+ Peppermint tea in my favorite mug, which was a gift from my sister. The quote says "With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

+ A new Joy the Baker podcast and a new 30 Rock to look forward to on Thursday.

Happy Wednesday!