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January 2012

There was a flurry of reflecting and setting new goals for the year so I'm just getting around to my January goals. Christmas already feels like it was so long ago! I snacked on some clementines while I thought about my January good this time of year. Here's how I did on my December goals: + Get all of our Christmas presents wrapped and mailed off on time. Yes, just barely! I managed to get everything in the mail on time, but I was in line at the post office on December 21. I'd love to get things off... Read more →

Chris's good friend from high school recently moved with his wife to the Silicon Valley area and they were so sweet to host us for New Year's Eve! Chris's friend even met us at the airport to take our bag so that we could explore the city for the day before heading to Mountain View, what a host! We had so much fun in San Francisco and the Bay Area - it was four days of delicious food, city sights and beautiful scenery, and lots of laughter. I got some great food recommendations from Eat Make Read and Tracy from... Read more →

Last year was the first year that I was organized about having goals for the year and kept myself accountable, even if I didn't accomplish everything I had hoped. It helped me to prioritize and not get as overwhelmed with all the things I want to do around the house and at the end of every month and the year I could see what was accomplished. Here's what I'd love to accomplish in 2012: + Save at least $10,000 for a new-to-me car. Hopefully a Prius! For real this time. + Be more proactive at work and be more positive... Read more →