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Organized: Master Bathroom

Way back during my December goals I declared that, "Our master bathroom must be organized!" And now it is! Happiness.

On the surface, it didn't look so bad:

1_full cabinet_before

But inside the cabinets stuff was piled haphazardly and lots of stuff we didn't need was in the way.



And the drawers! That's Chris's drawer on the right and mine on the left.


I've also taken over the larger drawer to the left; it was a mess!



The medicine cabinet. It's kind of no-man's land.


Time to organize! First I took everything out of the drawers and cabinets so I could sort.



I found a tube of toothpaste for dogs and remebered how we thought we were going to brush Drew's teeth! Sorry Drew.


I was able to throw away a lot of stuff; it was awesome. Here's how our bathroom looks now!

11_cab_closed_after (1)

...pretty much the same as it did before. But wait!

12_leftcab close

Now my hair dryer and straightener are easy to grab in the morning. Same with my brushes, clips, and hair products. Much better than the overflowing bin they were all in before.

On the right side of the cabinet are travel containers and other things like sunscreen and rubbing alcohol that we don't need all the time.


Chris's drawer looks pretty much the same, he was already down to essentials. But I was able to free up lots of room!

14_small drawers open

The "after" that gives me the most satisfaction is the drawer where I keep my makeup, hair ties, and bobby pins. I picked up this jewelry organizer from Target, which fit perfectly in the shallow drawer, and it gave everything a place.

15_big drawer_after

The medicine cabinet is no longer for junk, it's for stuff we actually use! Oh, and also the pet toothpaste. Maybe one day, Drew.


In the corner under the medicine cabinet I bought a little bird jar from World Market to keep q-tips in and used a mason jar I already had for cotton rounds. The ceramic egg carton, inspired by Sherry, holds some of my jewelry. You can buy one here!

17_medicine cabinet

Getting ready in the morning is so much easier now that everything has a place. It's been quite an improvement for sure. But now I'm kind of dying to paint the cabinets and mirror frames and get new hardware...that might have to happen soon.

1_full cabinet_before