San Francisco for New Year's
Hall Closet Clean Out

Goals - January 2012


There was a flurry of reflecting and setting new goals for the year so I'm just getting around to my January goals. Christmas already feels like it was so long ago!

I snacked on some clementines while I thought about my January good this time of year.


Here's how I did on my December goals:

+ Get all of our Christmas presents wrapped and mailed off on time. Yes, just barely! I managed to get everything in the mail on time, but I was in line at the post office on December 21. I'd love to get things off early next year. I think I really need to start my Christmas planning and preparing on November 1. Plus it would give me two months of enjoying Christmas music and movies. Bonus!

+ Host a dinner party. We did host a dinner party but it wasn't a veggie supper club. We had a lot of fun hosting two of our couple friends over for cocktails, black bean soup and cornbread, cookies and eggnog, and some XBox Kinnect dancing. Schedules got a bit hectic trying to put an ongoing veggie supper club together but I'm hoping Chris will take the reins on this and that it will happen in 2012!

+ Run the 12K! Yes! I had a great run. I ran the race with two girl friends and we enjoyed the beautiful weather, all the people dressed in costume - some dogs too! - and chatted the whole 7.5 miles. My knee bothered me just a bit but I was able to keep going. We finished in 1 hour 11 minutes, not too bad!

+ Stay healthy during the holidays. I think I did pretty well. I ran the 12K in early December and kept going to my spin classes, although not as consistently due to parties and traveling. I ate some delicious food and drank delicious drinks but nothing too excessive. However, I'm definitely ready to get back to my usually healthy routine!

+ Organize our bathroom cabinets and drawers. Yes! I took a Sunday to do this while I was also finishing the hall closet organization (I'll share photos with you tomorow!). I was able to get rid of so many things that were cluttering the bathroom cabinets. Now I can find exactly what I need when I'm getting ready in the morning. I'll post a re-cap of this reorganization next week.

+ Enjoy the Christmas season! Yes and yes. I'm always sad to see the Christmas season go, I love it so much. But my spirit was lifted a bit when I was shopping in the marked-down holiday decor in Target after Christmas and overheard someone say, "Whoa, these lights are battery-powered. You know what that means - we can use them in the CAR." It was awesome and got me excited for next Christmas already. I hope I see that lady driving around with her car Christmas lights.


For January my 2012 year-long goals are fresh in my mind and as much as possible I want my monthly goals to support those. So here's what I'm hoping to do this month:

+ Get materials for my cubicle makeover!

+ Go for a hike with Chris and Drew. I went to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum with my parents in October and I think Chris and Drew would love it. It's just about 45 minutes from our house.

+ Go to at least two yoga classes. Our gym offers yoga classes and I also just bought a discounted 5-class pass to a nearby yoga studio that offers hot yoga.

+ Have a budget meeting with Chris. Even though our budget is working well I like to occasionally take a hard look at our income and expenses just to make sure we're being as smart as we can with our money. I also want to make sure I'm saving as much as I can towards a car.

+ Organize the laundry room shelf. We have a small laundry room with limited storage. Currently the one shelf is overflowing with reusable bags and is a catch-all for random things; there's a lot of room for improvement.


Happy January!