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January 2012

Right now I'm working on growing my hair out. Yes, literally right now. I was going to list "grow out my hair" as one of my goals for 2012 but it felt a little bit too much like listing something you've already done on a to-do list, just so you can cross it off (which I totally do). So it's not an official goal but know that I'm working on it, even in my sleep! {engagement photo shoot/the most exciting thing my hair will ever do} So, let's talk more about my hair, shall we? It seems I've usually had... Read more →

For my January art-a-month, it's us! I know I'm not the first person to take awhile (ahem...almost 2 years!) to print wedding photos so I'm not beating myself up about it but I am trying to remedy the situation. For Christmas this year I ordered several prints from our wedding day, framed them, and gave them to our family. I had this one printed for us. We were married in Austin at Mercury Hall, beneath the beautiful live oak trees. The sprawling branches of the live oak trees in this photo feel so very Texas to me, I love that... Read more →

The winter months seem like the perfect time to read a book that has a slightly dreary or dark setting, something that makes you want to put on a second pot of coffee or make another mug of tea. I'd love to share some recommendations of books to read this winter. Each of these books are perfect companions for cold, grey days. You'll want to grab a blanket, pour a steamy beverage (I want to try this one), and curl up for a few hours. Her Fearful Symmetry - I only read books that I really love more than once;... Read more →

Way back during my December goals I declared that, "Our master bathroom must be organized!" And now it is! Happiness. On the surface, it didn't look so bad: But inside the cabinets stuff was piled haphazardly and lots of stuff we didn't need was in the way. And the drawers! That's Chris's drawer on the right and mine on the left. I've also taken over the larger drawer to the left; it was a mess! The medicine cabinet. It's kind of no-man's land. Time to organize! First I took everything out of the drawers and cabinets so I could sort.... Read more →

Is it really only Wednesday? Oh man. I was a tiny bit grumpy that I didn't get Monday off like Chris and many of our friends and work is dragging a bit this week. But despite all that there have been quite a few bright spots to my week already: + Packages arriving at my door! These shelves for our front room and this beautiful (and practical!) birthday gift from a friend (it's been on backorder since November!). + Arizona winter weather + A Skype date on Monday night with my grad school gal pals. Five girls in five cities... Read more →

During the colder cooler months I'm in the habit of making a big pot of soup on the weekends. It gives us an easy, healthy lunch to take to work during the week and sometimes we'll have it for a quick dinner - we don't mind eating the same thing a few times. This weekend I tried out a soup recipe from my newish cookbook, The 30-Day Vegan Challenge. So far everything I've made from the cookbook has been tasty and hasn't required any ingredients that aren't at my usual grocery store. The Sweet Potato and Peanut Stew was no... Read more →

I am very happy to bring you the results of cleaning out our front hall closet. It's a space we use everyday since it's where we store Drew's collar and leash and coats but it's so messy! Or at least it used to be. I love our sunny and colorful front room... but behind the closet door was something less appealing... Shoes in a pile. Do we really need three basketballs? Randomness... The "brains" of our home audio system live on the top shelf. (Unfortunately it requires a lot of wires and there's not a lot that can be done.... Read more →

There was a flurry of reflecting and setting new goals for the year so I'm just getting around to my January goals. Christmas already feels like it was so long ago! I snacked on some clementines while I thought about my January good this time of year. Here's how I did on my December goals: + Get all of our Christmas presents wrapped and mailed off on time. Yes, just barely! I managed to get everything in the mail on time, but I was in line at the post office on December 21. I'd love to get things off... Read more →

Chris's good friend from high school recently moved with his wife to the Silicon Valley area and they were so sweet to host us for New Year's Eve! Chris's friend even met us at the airport to take our bag so that we could explore the city for the day before heading to Mountain View, what a host! We had so much fun in San Francisco and the Bay Area - it was four days of delicious food, city sights and beautiful scenery, and lots of laughter. I got some great food recommendations from Eat Make Read and Tracy from... Read more →

Last year was the first year that I was organized about having goals for the year and kept myself accountable, even if I didn't accomplish everything I had hoped. It helped me to prioritize and not get as overwhelmed with all the things I want to do around the house and at the end of every month and the year I could see what was accomplished. Here's what I'd love to accomplish in 2012: + Save at least $10,000 for a new-to-me car. Hopefully a Prius! For real this time. + Be more proactive at work and be more positive... Read more →