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As a follow up to this post I'm sharing lists of books that I've read about pregnancy, babies, and parenting. A couple weeks ago I shared books about pregnancy and today I have a list of books about babies and caring for infants. It seems a lot of debate centers around how to best establish a sleeping routine for newborns - or whether to even worry about establishing a routine! My approach will be to learn as much as I can and then adapt (hopefully gracefully!) to our unique situation. These are the books I've read so far on newborn... Read more →

I think November and December might be my favorite months. I'm starting to realize that the summer heat in Arizona can really get to me - it's so oppressive! I think the lingering heat of September and October plus feeling uncertain about my job had me feeling blah this fall. Now that the weather has turned cooler and our doors and windows are open most of the time I feel so much better. Plus I'm loving all the holiday hubub - the music (we're listening to the Indie Christmas station on Pandora nonstop over here), the Christmas lights that are... Read more →