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All the Things


Some days you have grand plans of doing all the things. Things like finishing the Christmas shopping, washing and folding all the laundry, doing the grocery shopping and cooking for the week, putting up the Christmas lights, and getting a Christmas tree. You have a whole day to do all the things. And it will be glorious.

When you find that your husband has locked the keys in the car at the mall it's inconvenient, but there's still plenty of time. And your dear in-laws are sweet enough to quickly rescue you. Still time to do all the things.

But then, as you say, "Don't staple your hand with that staple gun," your sweet husband, who is about to put up the Christmas lights, does in fact staple his hand with the staple gun. And you begin to lose sight of doing all the things…

So went our day yesterday. We wound up in urgent care for Chris to get a tetanus shot, just to be on the safe side. Luckily we were able to laugh about the staple gun incident almost as soon as it happened; Chris was never in terrible pain. The things that kept happening to keep us from our to-do list became nearly comical although exhausting. The keys, the staple gun, the tetanus shot, needing to drop off the antibiotic prescription, the low-fuel light coming on in the car. How did our day turn into a scene from Christmas Vacation?

By late afternoon there were still presents to be bought, Christmas lights were not up, grocery shopping was not done, laundry was neither washed nor folded, and, sadly, the Wharton family Christmas tree was not purchased. We had just enough time to whip up some chocolate chip cookies and make it to a family birthday get together. What a day!

I’m feeling sluggish this morning after tossing and turning last night (thinking of all the things! Ugh!) but am bolstered by:

+ knowing what a thoughtful partner I have. This morning Chris let me sleep in a bit while he cleaned up the kitchen, made my lunch, and brewed coffee for me. So sweet.

+ hearing an interview with Nigella Lawson about Christmas foods on my way to work. I could listen to her talk about food all day.

+ bringing my slippers into the office to keep my feet cozy on this chilly, rainy day.

I hope that you have a cozy Monday too, whether you are recovering from doing all the things this weekend or from the events that kept you from doing all the things!