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November 2011

Today I'm happy to share a guest post from Chris! Since he's a nutrition professor by day I asked him to write about some of the nutritional aspects of our "being vegan" experiment, which we're trying out this week. We served veggie burgers at our wedding! Professors are a strange breed. Regardless of discipline, we all are rife with idiosyncrasies and social maladaptation we think can somehow be forgiven because we’re introspective nerd-geniuses. The truth is, although many of us are introspective and nerdy, very few of us are geniuses. I fallinto this camp: I’m just extra-eccentric without the brilliant... Read more →

This Sunday was the first in a loooong time that Chris didn't have to be at the farmers' market with Chow Locally. It felt so luxurious to spend a whole day together! The weather was clear and chilly, which made for a perfect day to relax and enjoy... a perfect fall breakfast... a long run that tired out our old vizsla (and apparently made him forget he's not allowed on the furniture)... and our favorite chocolate chip cookies. Hope you had a lovely fall weekend! Read more →

I guess the beginning of November has really put the end of the year on my mind because I'm getting excited about 2012 calendars! When I was in DC in September andvisited the Smithsonian I bought myself this 2012 day planner which features a "Smithsonian treasure" every week. Much more exciting than the plain-Jane-no-treasure-a-week planner I have now. 2012 is already shaping up to be pretty exciting! (shhhhh....don't tell my iphone but I'm very loyal to my paper calendar. I love to write down my "things to do" and "places to be"...and then I'm able to flip through old calendars... Read more →

I was so excited to turn our calendar to November yesterday! The past couple of weeks have been so busy with my parents visiting and making our Halloween costumes that the end of the month snuck up on me. But I'm very happy to say hello to November and to start thinking about the winter season and the holidays; the delicious recipes I want to make, wearing sweaters and scarves, and hopefully slowing down a bit around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. But before I get too carried away, here's an update of my goals for October: Celebrate Falliday! Yes!... Read more →

We had such a busy and fun weekend! On Saturday we worked on our Halloween costumes until the very last minute before dashing to the Arizona State University football game with friends. After going out to dinner, we donned our homemade Settler’s of Catan costumes and hit Mill Avenue in Tempe. The four of us dressed as brick, wheat, ore (Chris), and sheep (yours truly). Since the game Settler's of Catan is a bit obscure we weren’t sure if anyone would recognize us. But literally as soon as we walked into a bar someone said, “Oh my God, are you... Read more →