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Art-a-Month November

Laughing Over Spilled Milk


Have you listened to Spilled Milk? It's the show in which the hosts "cook something delicious, eat it all, and YOU can't have any."

I've been reading Orangette for awhile and finally checked out the podcast that Molly co-hosts along with Matthew Amster-Burton of Roots and Grubs. Guys, it's hilarious! As in, I have to stifle laughter when listening at work (ipods and headphones get a green light at my office...bursting out in laughter gets a stale yellow light).

On each show Molly and Matthew take on a different food - from rice, to dorm food, to parsnips - and are able to be informative, silly, and really funny about a seemingly mundane food...all in the span of 15 minutes. I love the way they give opinions on fudge and stinky fish as if it were a dish in a New York Times restaurant review and Molly's enthusiastic "mmmm"ing in the background always cracks me up.

A few episodes of Spilled Milk and This American Life would be perfect to keep you company in the kitchen or the car this week!

P.S. Today's my last day of work before a wonderfully long holiday, hooray!