Happy Weekend!
Goals - November 2011

Falliday + Halloween


We had such a busy and fun weekend! On Saturday we worked on our Halloween costumes until the very last minute before dashing to the Arizona State University football game with friends. After going out to dinner, we donned our homemade Settler’s of Catan costumes and hit Mill Avenue in Tempe.  The four of us dressed as brick, wheat, ore (Chris), and sheep (yours truly).


Since the game Settler's of Catan is a bit obscure we weren’t sure if anyone would recognize us. But literally as soon as we walked into a bar someone said, “Oh my God, are you Settler’s of Catan?!” and made us pose for a picture. We posted one of the photos that a "fan" took to the Settler’s of Catan Facebook page and people are loving it!

Of course there were also people who had no idea what we were. One guy said to me, “OK, I see that you have a boomerang…and is that mozzarella?” Someone else guessed that Chris was “space”, which I thought was pretty awesome.

And on Sunday we celebrated Falliday - even if it was 90 degrees! Chris had to be at the farmer’s market Saturday and Sunday morning for his side business, Chow Locally, and we were both pretty tired from being out Saturday night so we kept Falliday low-key. But it was still fun and felt like a festive day.

Given the weather this was not the year to begin a Falliday tradition of wearing a favorite sweater but we did exchange small gifts and had a fall-inspired meal. For our Falliday gifts Chris got me a cool plant stand made by a local artisan at the farmer’s market and also brought home several paletas (fresh fruit popsicles) for me, two of which are chocolate-pumpkin. Yum. Chris received a pair of Falliday socks and since this is the second year that I bought him socks I am declaring socks a traditional Falliday gift.

For dinner we had salad with apples and walnuts, ravioli with pumpkin-pesto sauce, colorful roasted potatoes, and a delicious pumpkin cake with brown butter icing. After our Falliday meal we took Drew for a walk and looked for winter constellations in the sky (Orion is my favorite). Now that we have celebrated Falliday hopefully fall weather will be on its way soon!


Last night we sat outside with our neighbors to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. We've seen lots of people sitting outside on Halloween so we decided to take part in the Arizona tradition. I loved seeing all the little costumes and it was fun to catch up with our neighbors. But is anyone else alarmed at the costumes the tween and teenage girls are wearing? Or by the fact that one girl actually asked us to put candy in her bag, since she was too busy texting to pick candy from the candy bowl. Eek!

Hope that you had a festive Halloween!