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Calendars for 2012


I guess the beginning of November has really put the end of the year on my mind because I'm getting excited about 2012 calendars!

When I was in DC in September andvisited the Smithsonian I bought myself this 2012 day planner which features a "Smithsonian treasure" every week. Much more exciting than the plain-Jane-no-treasure-a-week planner I have now. 2012 is already shaping up to be pretty exciting!

(shhhhh....don't tell my iphone but I'm very loyal to my paper calendar. I love to write down my "things to do" and "places to be"...and then I'm able to flip through old calendars and see what I was up to on a specific day in the past. This article on paper versus digital calendars perfectly captured the anxiety of forgetting your paper calendar at home! It makes me nervous just to think about it...)

This past year, inspired by Amanda and Sara, we hung a Nikki McClure calendar on our fridge and I loved it. It's as much a work of art as a calendar and so every month we essentially had a new piece of art on the fridge. I'd love to get the 2012 calendar for our kitchen again...but then there are so many other beautiful calendars! Does every room in my house need a calendar?

Here are some others that have caught my eye:






*calendars top to bottom are nikki mccurewhimsy & spiceenna shoppam lostraccoenvironmental art, and eye poetry photography.