Laughing Over Spilled Milk
A Tofurky Thanksgiving

Art-a-Month November


As soon as I saw that Abby's etsy shop would be closing soon I headed over and bought this sparkly print that I've had my eye on for awhile. Et voila: November art-a-month!

If you like Abby's film photography prints too, she's having an amazing clearance sale; just use the code "shopclosing40" for 40% off. One of her framed prints would make a nice Christmas gift...since it's time to be thinking about these things after all!

Aaand, I'm not at work! On a whim last week I requested to take today off and I'm making a mental note to always take off the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Chris will be Chow Locally-ing Friday and Saturday so he took today off too, so fun! We slept in (will you groan when I tell you that sleeping in for us meant 5:45...we're early birds for sure!), had coffee, and took our old dog to Cosmo Dog Park where Drew sniffed around to his heart's content and pranced in the water. Now we have a very sleepy vizsla, which is always a good thing. This afternoon we'll be picking up a free vegan pumpkin pie from our beloved Coffee Shop for save-a-turkey-eat-a-pie and then we're kicking off the holiday with a couple of beers and Bananagrams at San Tan Brewery. Yes, I think a holiday is just what I needed.

Tomorrow we're venturing into Tofurky land for the first time...!