Art-a-Month November
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A Tofurky Thanksgiving

We made our first Tofurky this Thanksgiving...and it was really good! Even though Chris and I have been vegetarian for a few years we've always just made an alternate main dish, like a quinoa casserole. But this year, on a friend's recommendation, we gave Tofurky a whirl. We're already plotting to stash a few in our freezer to enjoy throughout the year since they're only available seasonally!

"Oh hello there Tofurky...I saw you from the dried fruit section..."


The Tofurky comes stuffed with wild rice stuffing and a separate gravy. It's not just a round hunk of tofu, it's so much more! We followed the package directions and made a baste of olive oil, soy sauce, and sage and baked the round hunk of tofu Tofurky with potatoes, onions, and carrots.


The Tofurky smelled delicious as it was cooking and, I think, held its own next to the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws; vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike declared it was good! However, as my sister-in-law pointed out, the turkeys came out neutral at our Thanksgiving table since we saved one with the Tofurky...but the other one was decidedly not saved.


As for the vegan pumpkin pie (courtesy of save-a-turkey-eat-a-pie), it was gone faster than the non-vegan pumpkin pie.


Which made me a bit sad because I do believe I could have coffee and pumpkin pie for breakfast everyday and never tire of it...


This Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for, besides Tofurky and delicious pie, but I was feeling particularly thankful for Chris's parents, my wonderful in-laws. From the very first time I met them, when Chris and I were dating, they have made me feel so welcome in the Wharton family. Chris's parents live just about 20 minutes from us and they have been so supportive - but never intrusive - during the 3+ years that we have lived here. They're always willing to help us out, whether it's propping up a tree that's blown over in a storm or coming to my rescue at 7 in the morning when my car is dead and Chris is out of town. I truly enjoy their company and getting to see them so often. Since I've landed so many miles away from my parents I'm very thankful that we have such great family support close by.

If you were also celebrating this week I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!