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Sunset Magazine + Everyday Food


Last Saturday, my day started on the back porch with a cup of hot coffee and new editions of my favorite magazines. The fall editions. Oh yes.

At the recommendation of a good friend (and very good cook!), I started subscribing to Everyday Food a couple months ago. Everyday Food is a Martha Stewart magazine and I have to admit that seeing Martha smiling at me from the cover made me skeptical at first. A few years ago, I had to break up with the Martha Stewart Living magazine after realizing that reading it left me feeling exhausted instead of inspired. However, Everyday Food must be edited by Martha's practical and frugal sister. The recipes are creative, vegetarian-friendly, easy enough to put together on a week night, and use ingredients that are readily available at my grocery store. Now when I make a weekly grocery list I flip through an Everyday Food and usually find one or two new recipes to try. This month I'm excited to try a pear crisp and orzo salad, among other things.

I also eagerly await the arrival of Sunset in the mail every month. Reading Sunset makes me feel excited to live in the West; I love the regional recommendations for restaurants and day trips in the Southwest. Plus, the gardening section of Sunset always includes a few suggestions for plants that would thrive in our hot, hot desert climate.  When I read other home/garden magazines, I would find myself falling in love with the lush green gardens on the pages and then realize, "Oh wait, this is in a place that gets more than seven inches of rain a year..." Now that I have Sunset, with pages of succulents and cacti, never again!

I'd love to know what magazines you take with your weekend coffee!