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October 2011

I've been dreaming of a fall garden for the past few months. Finally, it's done! A spot was picked. Gravel was cleared. Soil was turned. Soil was flung out of the garden by Drew Garden Enemy Number One. Soil was put back into the garden. Irrigation line was extended and soaker hose loops were added. Seeds were planted. Grow, seeds, grow! (And stay away Garden Enemy Number One.) Read more →

I'd love to give you a peek at where two of my art-a-month pieces have found a place in our home. Both are part of a growing gallery of white-framed art on our dining room shelves. My June piece is tucked behind one of my favorite photos from our wedding. It's a photo a friend took and framed for us. The September piece is awaiting a frame but seems to fit right in beside a stack of thrifted books. Sharing where these pieces end up is very good motivation for me to use them in our home. I tend to... Read more →

Chris and I made a goal of saving $5,000 in our emergency savings account by May 1st, which we met. As of today we are up to $6,750 and have a new goal of saving $7,000 by the end of 2011. (It seems to really help us to set financial goals like this; are you really that surprised that this works for me?) On the one hand, I’m so proud of us for saving over $6,000 because we essentially started from $0 two years ago when we cleaned out our savings to buy our house. But on the other hand,... Read more →

Setpember was busy! Over Labor Day weekend I traveled to DC for my dear friend Terry's wedding. The wedding was full of personal touches and was such a fun celebration of two wonderful people. Congrats Terry and Chris! Other highlights of the weekend included riding the metro (I love big cities!), checking out the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and Smithsonian Art Institute, and eating yummy pizza with my good friend Anna at 2 Amys. Later in the month I flew to San Diego where Chris was attending the American Dietetics Conference and I got to hang out with my little... Read more →

Guys, we got our grill fixed! We celebrated by making our favorite meal of all time: grilled pizza. Grilling pizza sounds kind of scary - like the dough would drip into the flame, but, magically, it doesn't! The trick is to make sure the grill is really hot which makes the dough start to cook as soon as you throw it on. Years ago I read a recipe for grilling pizza in Martha Stewart Living and had always kept the recipe around, but never tried it. The house Chris and I first rented in Arizona had a fancy grill in... Read more →