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Falliday + Halloween

Happy Weekend!

Whew! I'm glad it's Friday. Work has been a bit slow and it feels like there's a gray cloud hanging over our department. Which is why I was so appreciative of two things that brightened my work week:

First, when I walked into work on Monday morning and went to put away my lunch I saw this on the kitchen fridge:


It's Lionel Richie and the lyrics from this song! So randomly awesome. Seeing this instantly put a smile on my face! 

My favorite part is that throughout the week, people have actually been tearing off the little tabs:


Then, on Thursday, we had our annual Halloween costume contest at work. Each department is encouraged to decorate their area of the office and to dress up. However, some of us ( included) were not feeling too enthusiastic. But we ended up rallying and settling on Pac-Man, since our cubes force us to walk around a bit like Pac-Man and it wouldn't be too hard to pull off.

It was all worth it when I turned around to ask my co-worker a question and saw this:


And this group picture does make me smile. I'm the orange ghost!


This evening, Chris and I are enjoying some pumpkin beers and working on our Halloween costumes for Saturday night (we're dressing up with friends as resources from Settler's of Catan!). And of course I'm looking forward to our little Falliday celebration on Sunday evening...

I hope you have a great weekend!