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Goals - October 2011

Setpember was busy! Over Labor Day weekend I traveled to DC for my dear friend Terry's wedding. The wedding was full of personal touches and was such a fun celebration of two wonderful people. Congrats Terry and Chris!


Other highlights of the weekend included riding the metro (I love big cities!), checking out the Smithsonian Natural History Museum and Smithsonian Art Institute, and eating yummy pizza with my good friend Anna at 2 Amys.



Later in the month I flew to San Diego where Chris was attending the American Dietetics Conference and I got to hang out with my little sister! Ah, the beach...


All the traveling made the month fly by. Here's how my September goals turned out:

  • Plant a fall garden...and keep it alive. In progress...A friend of mine at work, who's a landscape designer, has become my Fairy Garden Mother. She explained how to install an irrigation system in my garden and brought in seeds for me that she's saved from her own (amazing) garden. So far I've cleared all the gravel out of an area of our yard where I'll plant my garden and I purchsed all the irrigation equipment I need as well as compost/top soil. I just need one more work day to finish!
  • Outline a work presentation that I have to give in October. Yes. I made a short I need to make the full presentation.
  • Start brainstorming halloween ideas! We're talking with some good friends about dressing up like Settlers of Catan!
  • Sign up for a triathlon. I decided to pull the plug on this. My usually very consistent workout routine was really thrown off with my traveling and signing up for a triathlon started to feel much more stressful than fun. Instead, I'm looking for a 5K or 10K to run in the next couple months.
  • Get our grill fixed. Yes!
  • Celebrate Chris's birthday with friends! We had a great night of vingtage cocktails, dancing, hula hooping, and pie with good friends at our new favorite bar in downtown Phoenix.
  • Go see one art exhibit in the valley. I didn't go to a local art exhibit but I did check out two museums while I was in DC. I saw the Hope diamond (yowza!) and one of my favorite paintings.

My goals for October are:

  • Celebrate Falliday!
  • Plant my fall garden and keep it alive. We'll see how the "alive" part goes!
  • Find a 5K or 10K to run in the next couple of months and register.
  • Give our guest bedroom a mini makeover. My parents are visiting this month and the guest bedroom could use some work.
  • Enjoy a fun weekend with my parents in town! 
  • Write the fall edition of our neighborhood's newsletter that I publish.
  • Get back to healthy eating and into a consistent workout routine. 

Happy October!