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Sunday Blues


Sometimes I start to feel anxious on Sunday afternoons as I start to think about going back to work on Monday. The weekend always seems to go by too fast!

I think part of my anxiety comes from feeling that I don't have enough time to do everything that I want before Monday rolls around again. During the weekend I get so much happiness from spending time with Chris and with friends, working on projects around the house, having time to cook, volunteering, writing for my blog, and just relaxing. The impending work week feels like an end to all of that for another five days.

When I start to feel anxious on Sundays, it sometimes helps me to go for a walk outside or to exercise, watch a funny movie on Netflix, play a fun board game with Chris, or have a glass of wine...and sometimes all of the above! I also find that the more prepared I am for the week - such as having all the laundry and grocery shopping done and the house clean - can help me to feel calmer.

Do you ever have anxious feelings like Sunday blues? What helps you get over them?
I'd love to know!