Goals - September 2011

Settling Catan


Have you played the game Settlers of Catan? Apparently it's been around since the 1990s, but we only heard of it this year...and we're hooked. It's kind of like a combination between Risk and Monopoly but it doesn't take 4 hours and you're still friends with everyone when the game is over (am I the only one who had a few too many double-crossing incidences playing Risk?).

The rules of Settlers can be a little bit intimidating at first but the basic premise is that each player settles their empire and collects resources (wheat, timber, ore, brick, or sheep) with each roll of the die. As you accumulate resources you can build more settlements and collect points.

But beware the robber! He steals resources every time a 7 is rolled, which once happened to us FOUR times in a row, what are the odds? (I will love it if someone actually posts the odds in the comments.)

Any other Settlers fans out there?

P.S. Happy Labor Day!