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Art-a-Month September



My Septembert art-a-month makes me homesick for Austin!

I found this little print (it's 5 x 7) through Young House Love when they tweeted that Dutch Door Press was having a 15% off sale. I checked out their Etsy store and found cute prints of state flowers and birds. At first I considered buying three prints: Connecticut, Texas, and Arizona to represent where Chris and I met, where we got married, and where we live now. But unfortunately they didn't have a print for Arizona. (Maybe soon!)

So I went with the Texas print since it's not only representative of where we got married, it's also my home state. And, I grew up on Bluebonnet Lane (that's a bluebonnet up there)!

The print cost $15 + $2 shipping, so a mere $17 for a little reminder of so many good things.

Which state print would you buy? Did you notice how many states have the mockingbird as their state bird?

Hope you have a great weekend!