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Goals - July 2011


The hottest month of the Arizona summer is here and it's already living up to its reputation. It was 116 in the Valley over 4th of July weekend - sheesh! To keep cool I've been making popsicles, including avocado and blackberry+yogurt which were recommended on Cup of Jo. They were delicious!

Along with the crazy heat we get some exciting weather in Arizona in the form of monsoons and haboobs (the awesomest name for a weather occurence ever). In addition to eating frozen treats, hoping for rain, and avoiding dust storms here's how I did on my goals for June:

  • Send wedding presents to the two dear friends whose weddings I attended in April. Yes! I sent each of them a set of bar glasses from this cool hotel in Austin. I have a set from when Chris and I stayed there during our wedding and I love them.
  • Write the summer edition of our neighborhood newsletter that I publish. Check!
  • Begin reading the book that I agreed to review for Environmental Practice (my review is due August 15). Technically I did start reading the book but I'm not very far at all and it's been stressing me out. I need to focus on this in July.
  • Organize a get-together with our neighbors. Nope, too many schedule conflicts!
  • Go running (I’ve been going to spin class regularly but haven’t been able to get back into a running routine in awhile). I continued to go to spin class regularly...but only went running once.
  • Make a dentist appointment. I just went to the dentist yesterday. Done and done.
  • Continue working on my blog. Yes! In fact, Chris surprised me with a weekend away at an amazing resort in Scottsdale so that I could focus on rising/shining for a weekend. How sweet is that?
  • Work on gathering materials for my cubicle makeover. So far I haven't bought anything but I do have lots of ideas.

And here's what I'm hoping to accomplish in July:

  • Send birthday presents to my Dad and good friend, who both have early August birthdays. I'm trying to be better about sending presents on time, seems like I'm always late!
  • Keep the house tidy during the week by doing a little each day. Chris and I both love a clean and uncluttered environment but lately we haven't been doing as good of a job of maintaining the house in this state. I'm so affected by my environment so tidying up will help me from getting overwhelmed and will also mean we don't have to spend as much of our weekend cleaning.
  • Buy materials for my cubicle makeover.
  • Finish reading the book I agreed to review for Environmental Practice and start writing my review.
  • Buy a present for my friend's baby shower. The shower is book-themed and the invitation looked like an old check-out card that goes in a library book! I love the idea of building your baby's library with books from friends and family.
  • Research teacher certification programs for science teachers. I've been contemplating a career change...eek!
  • Plant slipper plant cactus around our front porch.
  • Be more organized about meal planning and grocery shopping. We usually buy the same staples every week at the store and make quick meals for dinner. I'd like to be better about trying our new recipes and planning our grocery shopping.

*lovely swimming print from Samantha French