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Goals - June 2011


Lists and goals make my world go ‘round. So of course I love the way that Sara at Feeding the Soil takes time each month to reflect on her previous month’s goals and to set new ones for the upcoming month. I was inspired to start doing the same thing by writing down my yearly and monthly goals in a notebook and referring to it throughout the month.

This system has helped me to prioritize things that I want to get done. I can easily overwhelm myself with all the things I want to do and this system helps me to focus my energy on a few things over a month. When I get something done I love checking it off my list!

My goals for June 2011 are:

  • Send wedding presents to the two dear friends whose weddings I attended in April.
  • Write the summer edition of our neighborhood newsletter that I publish
  • Begin reading the book that I agreed to review for Environmental Practice (my review is due August 15)
  • Organize a get-together with our neighbors
  • Go running (I’ve been going to spin class regularly but haven’t been able to get back into a running routine in awhile)
  • Make a dentist appointment
  • Continue working on my blog
  • Work on gathering materials fomy cubicle makeover