DSRL, or An Impulse Purchase
Goals - July 2011

Getting Rid of Stuff

Yesterday Chris and I got rid of books, paint, furniture, and clothes that we didn't need any more and it felt so good. Ah, I love a good spring cleaning! 

First we dropped off a couple of pieces of furntiure we no longer needed and that weren't nice enough to bother with craigslist. Then we took several old cans of paint to our town's hazardous waste center. I had been meaning to do this for MONTHS. At the center they mix all the old paint and make two different colors: grey and tan. Then they use it to paint municipal buildings and give it away free to residents!

Next, we sold our books to Changing Hands bookstore where we made $60!


Our clothes went to Buffalo Exchange where we only made $18 but I'm just glad to have the extra closet space.


We wrapped up the afternoon with some free yogurt from a shop that was just opening, perfect!