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Art-a-Month June


I frequently see art prints that I like on Etsy and around the web-o-sphere and I think, "Oh, I should get that and frame it. It would like great in our house." But I never do! I end up being indecisive about where we'd put it or I decide that I should just save the money.

But art is a great thing to spend (some) money on and the things I'm usually looking at are less than $50 so it wouldn't break the bank. I think it's definitely worth buying some of these things so that we can have more art around the house and to support the artists. Plus this is inline with my philosophy that everything in our house should be functional and/or beautiful (my mom instilled this in me).

So starting this month I'm instituting Art-A-Month! Once per month I'll buy an affordable piece of art either online or from a local artist. I have been eyeing some prints from Abby Powell at Abby Try Again for awhile so to kick off my art purchases I bought an 8 x 10 of the "Manzanita" print pictured above. I think it will look great in a white frame leaning on our shelves in the front room.

Here are some other art pieces I have in mind for future art-a-months:

Another Abby Powell print, her photographs feel so nostaligc.


This print from the groundwork etsy shop is simple yet so summery. We had lawn chairs just like this growing up!