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Yogurt: Homemade


We eat a lot of yogurt at our house. Based on yogurt consumption around here you might think we are a family of 6. We are, in fact, three. And one of us is a dog and technically isn't supposed to eat yogurt. We're hooked on the Greek-style Chobani yogurt, plain + non-fat. The husband loves it because it has lots of protein and very little sugar. It's delicious with almond slivers and honey.

So when I read that making your own yogurt is not only possible but seems pretty easy Chris and I knew we had to try it. In September I gave Chris The Home Creamery, since it was recommended in this post. Today we finally made the time to try our hands at yogurt-making. Right now we have two and a half quarts of pre-yogurt keeping warm in a cooler. It should be yogurt-ified in 6+ hours.

And while I'm waiting for my yogurt to mature I can daydream that I'm one of those gals who makes my own bread, sews my own clothes, and rides my bike everywhere I go. Which is (sadly) just not true. But I might be the kind of gal who can make her own yogurt. And that's something. We'll find out in about 5.5 hours.