(Don't) Return to Sender



We rang in the new year with friends, bubbly drinks, and frosty weather - brrrr! And today we sipped hot coffee while at Cosmo Dog Park with our vizsla, Drew. A pretty good start to the year already, no?

My New Year's resolution list this year includes:

  • Go paperless and plastic-less in the kitchen. Less waste, fewer potential toxins leaching into my lunch. (inspiration from here)
  • Get outside more! And practice my rusty birding skills. Hopefully I'll be spending more timehere.
  • Save enough money to buy a (new to me) Prius. When the Arizona heat really gets going, the a/c in my volvo doesn't work very well. Not pleasant. (*Update: I decided to fork over the $700 to get my car a/c fixed in may 2011. Totally worth it.)
  • Write some pen and ink letters and send some snail mail love.

What's on your list for 2011?