Every year is significant but this past year felt especially so for personal growth. Heading into 2016 I hoped that over the year I would begin to emerge from the intensely demanding period of having two boys under three, waking many times during the night and breastfeeding. I was looking forward to reclaiming my body and energy, and focusing some of that new-found energy on myself. So I declared 2016 The Year of Kelsey. I made goals of building a capsule wardrobe, a capsule skin care and makeup routine, going on creative field trips and traveling by myself. I worked... Read more →

In June we hired a sleep coach to help us establish better sleep for Dashiell and Cedric. It made a big difference for us and I'd love to share a bit more about the experience. It feels like great sleep has never come easily for us with Dashiell, as I've alluded to many times here and on my podcasts. Early this summer we were in a very frustrating - and exhausting - pattern that involved drawn out bedtimes (our 7 pm bedtime was delayed until 8 pm), multiple night wakings and very early mornings (4 am hour). At the same... Read more →

Recently I've had the opportunity to guest on three different podcasts and have chatted about my experience as a working mom. I love sharing what's great, what's challenging and what I've learned during my three and a half years of being a mother and working full time. I'm a regular listener of each of the podcasts I was on and if you haven't listened to theses shows I would recommend them! They are all available on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. The Mom Hour // Inside the Lives of 3 Working Moms Coffee + Crumbs // Episode 15... Read more →

My boys are 3 years 4 months and 19 months old and this is what I want to remember: The near constant wrestling. They remind me of puppies. Dash's sweet, nurturing nature and spontaneously coming to cuddle or hug us and saying, "I love you." Cedric's big brown eyes and long dark lashes on his little face. Dash's love of books. Recently we had put him to bed and then he came out to get our bag of library books and went right back to his room. When we check on him before we go to bed we often find... Read more →

We try to keep toys simple and few at our house but I'm happy to have children's books in every room. As a result, reading is an activity option at any time of the day. We're also building a collection of children's books via Audible and we listen to stories when we're in the car with the boys. You can purchase Audible audio books through Amazon without an Audible membership. The jack to plug in my phone to the car speakers is broken so I play the books on my Audible app and put my phone in a cup holder... Read more →

A few weeks ago I nursed Cedric for the last time. There wasn't a last symbolic time in the big red chair where I've spent hours nursing my boys and I didn't get Chris to take a picture as I had envisioned. I actually don't specifically remember nursing for the last time because at the time I didn't know it was the last. So often with parenthood we don't realize something is the last time until it's already passed! I made the decision to stop nursing on a Saturday; the boys were up before 5 am and I was tired.... Read more →

Me: What’s your favorite vegetable? Dash: Trucks! Dash: My heart is so happy. Me: Why is your heart happy? Dash: Because I love you. Me: We eat different things at different times of the year. In the summer we eat watermelon and strawberries and peaches and… Dash: And quesadillas? In the bright sun Dash: The sun is looking in my eyes! Me: You have to always be careful in the car. Dash: Yes or else you can fall out of the car. Me: Humidifiers can be dangerous. Dash: Because they spray fire! Dash: Usually, at school, I drink coffee. Me:... Read more →