I'm heading into February feeling a bit weary - and it's only the second month of the year! I've been putting in at least a couple of hours of creative work (podcasting, blogging, writing, Copper Quail Style) most evenings and usually a bit of time on the weekends as well. Plus all of the news is weighing heavily on me. Whew! I've always found joy in small things and it's advice I'll readily repeat to others. So perhaps this month is a good time to recommit to my 2017 goal of choosing gratitude. Despite the heavy happenings in our world... Read more →

On Saturday morning I bundled up (which counts as a few layers plus a fleece here in Arizona), kissed Chris and my boys goodbye, and headed downtown for the Phoenix Women's March. On the way I stopped to have a poster made of the awesome graphic shared by Joanna, which I also had printed in a smaller size to frame. I hadn't been sure what to expect but when I got downtown the parking lots were full and people were streaming towards the capitol. Young people, old people, families, people of all colors and abilities. I nearly started crying! At... Read more →

And just like that, 2017 is coming at us! I'm back at work this week but to be honest I'm feeling a bit eager to get back to routine. We had a great holiday but it felt demanding. We had full days with seeing family and friends, and the boys needed a lot from us these two weeks - in the completely normal way that a two year old and a three year old need their parents. Even though I'd say we had a good, fun holiday I wouldn't say we had a restful, easy holiday. January marks a change... Read more →

In October, even when it was still hot, my thoughts were pulled towards the new year and what goals I would set. My day to day was feeling too busy and I was craving reflection and focus. In six years of developing a practice of goal setting I've found that a few quiet moments, a blank piece of paper and a pen (or even a fresh note on my phone) can be incredibly calming and powerful. By my own design and doing my life is full. In 2016 I filled my plate more than I ever have. I got a... Read more →

Every year is significant but this past year felt especially so for personal growth. Heading into 2016 I hoped that over the year I would begin to emerge from the intensely demanding period of having two boys under three, waking many times during the night and breastfeeding. I was looking forward to reclaiming my body and energy, and focusing some of that new-found energy on myself. So I declared 2016 The Year of Kelsey. I made goals of building a capsule wardrobe, a capsule skin care and makeup routine, going on creative field trips and traveling by myself. I worked... Read more →

There's a little story in one of the Hello magazines that Cedric likes to read about a baby being pushed in a stroller through a busy town. He notices motorcycles vrooming! and airplanes zooming! Cedric likes to repeat these phrases but in my mind I phrase it, "December zooming!" Because truly it was just hot and summery and now I'm wearing my wicked good slippers and pulling on a sweater before going outside. I suppose it goes this way every year. I'm usually wanting to zoom through the summer but always wanting to put on the brakes for November and... Read more →

Halloween has already come and gone - in a glory of little dinosaurs and witches trick or treating in the neighborhood - and as I looked at the calendar yesterday morning I realized that there are only two (two!) weekends before Thanksgiving. I've been extra busy lately launching a small business, launching Neighborly Advice and doing all the other work of parenting two small boys, working full time, producing two podcasts and keeping the cobwebs away from this blog (just barely lately!). Honestly it's been too busy. Is that a surprise to anyone? But new ventures always need more tending... Read more →